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Tennis Court Replacement

We have great news! Sun Valley has signed a contract with Classic Turf to replace our tennis courts and upgrade our tennis facility for long-term benefits. After a significant amount of research, interviews and contractor negotiations, we will be tearing out the asphalt tennis courts and replacing them with post-tension concrete. See below for key details about the project:


  • The project will begin construction in September 2023 and end in May/June 2024.

  • We will need to cut the 2023 season a few weeks short, closing September 10 to get construction underway before the weather gets too cold to pour concrete. We will complete demolition and pouring the new concrete in the fall of 2023, let the courts set over the winter and finish up with painting lines in the spring 2024.

  • There will be a slight delay opening for the 2024 season to finish the project. Painting will be completed as soon as temperatures permit to minimize disruption to the 2024 season. The contractor anticipates this will occur sometime between May and June 15, 2024 pending weather as it must be at least 50 degrees (day and night) for painting.

New surface material:

We considered a few options for new tennis court surfaces and decided post-tension concrete was the best for a few reasons. We wanted something that would eliminate cracks, withstand New England winters and remain stable as a long-term investment for the club. Post-tension concrete has become the go-to for towns, clubs and even private courts due to its durability and crack resistance. The contract comes with a 20-year guarantee and a 10-year paint guarantee, which makes us incredibly confident in the material and contractor.

Post Tension Concrete Rendering

More about post-tension concrete:

  • 20-year crack-free guarantee

  • Ability to span unstable soils

  • Increased resistance to settling and/or heaving

  • Eliminates cold joints around net posts and fence posts

  • Creates more controlled slope for drainage

  • Creates stable and attractive edge

What’s Included in the Project:

  • New post-tension concrete sport surface at proper elevation

  • New fencing and concrete perimeter curb

  • New accessories including tennis net posts, nets and center straps

Anticipated Project Add-ons:

  • New tennis storage shed with direct access from court

  • Cut-outs in fence to facilitate leaf removal at center court

  • Windscreens

  • Possibility to include Pickleball lines and portable nets (survey coming soon)

We’ll keep you posted as the project progresses. We are very excited to break ground on this much needed facility improvement this fall.

Post- Tension Concrete Tennis Courts by Classic Turf Roxbury Run Country Club, Denver, NY

Our selected contractor Classic Turf has won numerous awards and has an extensive list of references all across New England and New York, including the installation of five post-tensioned concrete tennis courts at Northeastern University. We recently learned the Town of Lexington has also selected Classic Turf for the court replacement project adjacent to the town pool kicking off this summer.

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