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Happy New Year

Our 2024 membership process is underway. Renewal/joining information has been e-mailed to all prior members and newly invited families from the wait list. Please be sure to respond by the deadline listed in your e-mail. We look forward to welcoming our returning and new members this spring.

In the first two days we've already processed 46 renewals and 3 new memberships (welcome!).

Active members - please contact us if you didn't receive the renewal e-mail from us on January 1.

In late January/early February we will know if there are any remaining opening(s) that can be offered to the next families on the wait list. Please be patient over the next five weeks as we process renewals and the initial wait list invitations. In case of additional openings we will notify wait list families in order as soon as possible. We'll send another update to all wait list families in February.


Our tennis reconstruction project is well underway. The old asphalt tennis courts were reclaimed in October and we have constructed three new post-tension concrete courts. The slab has been poured and will cure over winter. In the spring the surface will be coated and painted. We can't wait to welcome you to our brand new tennis courts for the grand re-opening in late spring 2024. View pictures of the project.

We wish you the very best in the New Year as we look forward to another terrific season of swimming and tennis at Sun Valley.

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