Pool Rules

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards to create a safe environment for all.  RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DUE TO COVID PANDEMIC.

Revised Operating Plan - Updated June 22, 2021

The Governor lifted all remaining COVID-19 restrictions May 29, 2021 and lifted the State of Emergency June 15, 2021. We are pleased to announce Sun Valley has aligned its operations with State rules as indicated below. We will continue to assess operations and make any necessary adjustments. We look forward to getting back to the Sun Valley that we all love! We ask for your commonsense, cooperation, and respect for each other and the rules so we can enjoy a safe and fun summer together. 


  • Guests allowed beginning June 23, 2021 (must be accompanied by member & subject to guest policy below) 

  • Community Charcoal Grill opening June 27, 2021 

  • Social Events will be re-instated over the summer, details forthcoming 


  • Return to 100% of our permitted capacity (200)

  • Reservations no longer required for free swim
    members may come and go as they please with no time restrictions

  • Reservations continue for lap swim, tennis, and basketball 
    unreserved lanes/courts may be used first-come, first-serve

  • Children age 10 and up may visit Sun Valley on their own

  • No mask mandate – strongly encourage everyone to follow the Massachusetts Mask Advisory

  • Locker Rooms & showers fully reopened; please minimize time spent indoors and we encourage mask use in these indoor spaces

  • Working to re-open Snack Bar pending interest and contingent on permit from Lexington Board of Health

  • Group Swim Lessons and Swim Team will resume in a smaller group format to ensure a safe experience, considering the most current guidance and providing as much of a return to normal as possible (details forthcoming)

  • Plans subject to change should conditions warrant

COVID-19 Precautions & Modifications

  • All Members must check in upon arrival, please also check-out upon leaving

  • Open seating, chairs will be clustered to promote distance between household groups

  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to follow MA & CDC face covering guidance

    • Unvaccinated should wear masks indoors and when they cannot socially distance 
      (we are depending on unvaccinated individuals to protect all of our members)

  • Minimize time spent indoors (i.e. bathrooms/showers/locker rooms)

  • Sun Valley will follow CDC guidance for cleaning and hygiene protocols

  • Everyone encouraged to sanitize hands upon entry (sanitizer provided)

  • Please stay home when ill, exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, test positive, or in quarantine

  • Notify Sun Valley if you test positive for COVID-19

  • Be courteous, kind, and respectful of personal space, social distancing, and the mask wearing decisions of others so that everyone can feel comfortable and safe



(Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension of membership)


General Rules - Responsibilities and Liability

  • All persons using the pool and all Sun Valley property do so at their own risk. Sun Valley Associates, Inc. assumes no responsibility for accidents or injury on the premises, nor for claims of loss or damage to personal property. This includes, but is not limited to, travel or transportation related to Sun Valley activities

  • Supervision of every child shall always be the responsibility of that child’s guardian, NOT that of Sun Valley.

  • The General Manager, Asst. Manager and the lifeguards have the authority to ask any person (adult or child) to leave the pool area who, in his/her opinion, is endangering the health and/or safety of others. This includes children over 10 who are left unattended at the pool.

  • Improper behavior may result in suspension of member privileges.


Board of Health Regulations

  • The following are Board of Health regulations

    • All bathers must take showers before entering the pool.

    • No glass is permitted in the pool area. This includes all glass containers and drinking glasses. Please use plastic items. Ring tabs from cans are hazardous and must be disposed in a trash container.

    • There must also be a minimum of 4 feet clearance from the pool on the cement apron.

    • There will be no lounge chairs on the cement apron.

    • Tricycles, wagons, and other wheeled toys must not be used on the cement apron of the pool.

    • Eating or drinking is prohibited within the concrete apron around the pool.

    • Those with open skin infections (blisters, sores, etc.) are not allowed in the pool until said infection is healed. Any child who has scabs or pox that are not completely healed may not use the pool.


General Pool Rules

For children under 16 years of age, use of different areas of the pool is allowed in accordance with capability assessment by the Lifeguard staff.

  • Testing is to be completed each season.

  • Those who have passed a test are allowed to swim in the appropriate areas.  The tests are as follows:

    • 4 foot section only:      1 length freestyle of the Main Pool

    • 4 and 5 foot sections:  2 lengths freestyle of the Main Pool      

    • Entire Pool                   3 lengths of the Main Pool – 2 freestyle and one of any forward-facing stroke.

  • A badge will be given to each swimmer who has passed a test.

  • Swimmers must wear these badges while in the pool. A swimmer without a badge will be asked to leave the pool or take the test if prior test has not been documented. Replacement badges will be available for $2.00.

  • The shallow “L” of the pool is primarily for those children who have not passed any swim tests for the main pool. Those who have passed the 5 or 9 foot tests are not allowed in the shallow L unless baby-sitting or with special permission from the lifeguard on duty to play with a non-swimming sibling or friend.

  • Lap Lane use is by reservation. If unreserved or if no-show after 15 minutes of reservation start time, lap lanes may be used by others on a first come, first served basis. Lane sharing is permitted if both parties agree.

  • No cutting through the lap lane at any time.

  • The pool heater will be set to 78 degrees by the manager.  This will take the chill off the water, but still leave it cool enough for lap swimming. The manager is the only person allowed to set the temperature.


Rules Relating to Older Children

  • All unaccompanied children over age 10 are considered responsible for themselves while on Sun Valley property.  Sun Valley provides no supervision except while children are actively participating in Kid’s Night, Swim Team, Swim Lessons, or Tennis Lessons.  If a child leaves a lesson, swim team practice or kid’s night activities, Sun Valley provides no supervision.

  • Unaccompanied children who are asked to leave the pool more than three times during the season will no longer be allowed at the pool without a parent or guardian.

Rules Relating to Small Children

  • A parent, guardian or babysitter must directly supervise all children under 10 while on Sun Valley grounds except while children are actively participating in Kid’s Night, Swim Team, Swim Lessons, or Tennis Lessons. 

  • If a child leaves the lesson, kid’s night activities or swim team practice, Sun Valley provides no supervision and the parents or guardians are responsible for their children during this time.



  • Children using the shallow “L” end of the pool must always have a responsible person in close attendance at the pool edge. It is strongly recommended that the parent/baby-sitter be in the water.

  • Regardless of the age of the child, parents are responsible for watching children in the shallow L end. Non-swimming children must be accompanied by a parent or baby-sitter when in the pool or on the cement apron.

  • Children should be urged to use the bathroom before going to the pool area.

  • Infants and young children who are not fully potty trained must wear a fresh, clean, well-fitting, swim diaper in the water. Used disposable diapers must be sealed in a plastic bag before being placed in a trash barrel.

  • Parents may take their non-swimming children into the main pool only during specified times: 10 AM to 1 PM on weekends and 6 to 7 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; other times only with permission from the lifeguard. This must be one-on-one in the water, at a depth of up to 5 feet, with the parent close by. The lifeguards have the discretion to ask any parent/child to leave the main pool if they are swimming in an unsafe manner.



  • The manager must approve all babysitters under the age of 16.

  • Babysitters must be over the age of 12.

  • Babysitters must provide direct close supervision of younger children at all times.

  • The manager will intervene if proper supervision is not provided.

  • Non-member babysitters will be admitted without a guest fee when they are babysitting.

  • Older sibling babysitters must supervise their siblings. They may not swim separately or leave the pool area for any reason while responsible for a younger sibling.


Water Safety

  • The General Manager and his/her staff have complete authority during pool hours and are charged with the responsibility of carrying out these rules and maintaining safety and reasonable decorum.

  • Conversations with lifeguards on duty should be limited to safety issues. Lifeguards rotate through shifts at the check-in desk and can be approached there for non-safety related issues.

  • No running, pushing, tag games, or general horseplay allowed on the cement apron.

  • The pool must be cleared when there is thunder. People may return to the pool 20 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or at the discretion of the lifeguard.

  • The use of swim fins, masks or ball playing may be permitted, but only when approved by the lifeguards, general manager or assistant manager.


  • Diving is permitted from the 9 ft end of the pool only.

  • No back dives allowed.

  • No diving from sides of the pool or ladders.


Flotation Devices

  • Arm “swimmies” and other personal inflatables and larger flotation devices are never permitted.

  • Members may bring their own pool noodles, kickboards, fins; use is subject to the discretion of the lifeguard.

  • Sun Valley owned equipment such as kickboards and tubes may be used only with permission.


Adult Swim

  • “Adult Swims” will be called for 15 minutes on the hour from 12 – 4pm for those 16 years and older.

  • Swimmers that have passed their 5 or 9 foot tests are not allowed in the 3 foot end during adult swim unless supervising a non-swimming sibling. This is true regardless of whether the kiddie area of the pool is empty.

  • If no adults are swimming after 10 minutes, lifeguards may call “all in,” at their discretion.



  • All members entering the facility must check-in at the gate with the attendant.

  • Only paid “Pool” members may use the pool.

  • Only paid “Tennis” members may use the tennis courts. 

  • Only persons permanently residing in a member family household are considered members.

  • Babysitters are allowed while watching the children of a member family.

  • Membership is not transferable.


Guest Policy

  • All guests must check in and register with the gate attendant and a member must accompany all guests.

  • An adult member must sponsor minor guests and the adult member is responsible for the conduct of their guests.

  • All guests will be charged as follows:  
    contactless payments strongly encouraged  

               Adult Guest                              $10.00             

               Child Guest (18 & under)          $5.00               

               After 6:00pm                            no charge; must sign in at the desk & counts towards 5 visits

               There is a family cap of $25.00 per day on both weekends and weekdays

               No charge for non-swimming adult guests entering in street clothes accompanied by a member

  • No guest may appear more often than five times during the season.

  • Special arrangements can be made with the manager for sleep-in houseguests.


  • No alcoholic beverages allowed except when approved by the Board of Directors.

  • No glass containers allowed.

  • No pets allowed on Sun Valley grounds.

  • No smoking within the pool fence or on Sun Valley grounds.

  • No unauthorized electrical appliances will be allowed.

  • No solicitation allowed. Selling goods or services of any kind is prohibited on Sun Valley property.



  • Parties are not allowed on Sun Valley property.

  • The BBQ will reopen June 27.  Members desiring to cook should notify the manager. The person using the pit is responsible for putting out the fire and washing utensils in the utility sink (never in the bathrooms). Leave coals/ash in the grill overnight. Once fully cooled, ash should be placed in the metal can only.

  • Each member of every family is responsible for cleaning up its own refuse. Failure to do so, after warning by the General Manager, may result in suspension of seven days.

  • The Pool Attendant’s House cannot be used for storage of members’ personal belongings.


Travel To and From SV

  • Only registered motorized vehicles driven by licensed operators are allowed on Sun Valley property. No mini-bikes are permitted at any time.

  • All bicycles must be placed in the bike racks when not in use.

  • The only entrance to the Pool and Recreation Area is at 14 Fairlawn Ln. Do not cut through neighboring yards.


Revised July 7, 2021

Subject to change if warranted