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Court Opening Tomorrow Sat 4/27

We are thrilled to announce our new post-tension concrete tennis courts are now complete and will be ready for play starting tomorrow at 9am. Make your reservation and get out to play!


  • TENNIS Only tennis members (and their paid guests) may play on the tennis courts. If you have a swim only membership and wish to add tennis, please contact us and we will be happy to convert your membership to include tennis. Reservations are required for tennis play.  

  • PICKLEBALL & BASKETBALL All members are welcome to play basketball and pickleball on our mixed use basketball court. Reservations are strongly encouraged for the mixed use basketball/pickleball court. Reservations will take priority over walk-ins. If you have not made a reservation and others are waiting to play kindly limit your time to 30 minutes.

Important Reminders

  • Tennis courts are for tennis play only.

  • Pickleball, stickball or any other games are not permitted on the tennis courts.

  • Bikes, rollerblades, skateboards etc. are never permitted on the tennis courts.

  • Help us maintain the surface by wearing tennis shoes/non-marking soles on the new tennis courts.

Thank you!

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