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Sun Valley Association

The Sun Valley Association includes properties on Blueberry, Fairlawn, Fiske, Russell, Tyler, Wheeler, Whipple, & many homes on Winchester Drive.

Please reach out with any questions on which homes are part of our association or for further information.

2024 Membership

Our 2024 membership is underway and an early-bird discount is offered for those who join by February 10, 2024. You can see more about our facilities here.

As bond holder in the Sun Valley Association, you are entitled to join the neighborhood Swim and Tennis Club located on Fairlawn Lane at any time (no wait list). Requirements to join:

  1. Home must have a bond (value $350). Bonds either stay with the house or the association. Therefore, bonds can be redeemed through the Sun Valley Association for $350 as new bonds are sold, or can be resold with your house to the new property owner(s).


  2. Pay the one time capital assessment fee of $2,000 for all new families upon joining. This is non-transferable and funds capital projects and maintenance to ensure the longevity of our facilities.

  3. Pay the 2024 Membership dues for your selected membership. The early-bird rates listed below are offered until February 1, 2024. Rates increase by $50 after this date.

  • Family Swim & Tennis    $1,250

  • Family Swim Only           $1,050

  • Family Tennis Only         $  600

  • Adult (individual/couple) Swim & Tennis  $ 600

  • Adult (individual/couple) Swim Only         $ 450

  • Adult (individual/couple) Tennis Only       $ 400




Click the button above to join and pay online today! Alternatively you may mail a check to Sun Valley, PO Box 64, Lexington, MA, 02420. Be sure to include your address and membership type with the check. Kindly provide your e-mail address as well as that is our primary communication method.​

Residents of the Sun Valley Association may join at anytime. Rates are not pro-rated for those who join after the season begins. We will pro-rate and honor early-bird rate after Feb 10 for new residents who moved in after this date.

We would love the opportunity to welcome you for the upcoming season.

What's happening at Sun Valley?

Read the December 2023 letter from the board president.



Our asphalt tennis courts were reclaimed this fall and we have constructed three new post-tension concrete courts. The slab has been poured and will cure over winter. In the spring the surface will be coated and painted. We hope to welcome you to our brand new tennis courts for the grand re-opening in late spring 2024. View construction photos.

Stay In Touch

Stay informed about the Sun Valley Association's annual open board meeting, board member election, and membership information by signing up for our e-newsletters. We promise not to clutter up your inbox or share your information with others. Current members will receive regular community updates and notices. Non-members of deeded properties in the Sun Valley Association will only receive a handful of notices each year. Our lists are never shared. 


President:            Stephan and Jeanette Voss
Vice President:    Jose and Elmy Trevejo
Treasurer:            Adam Suchocki and Laura Rubinstein
Membership:        Rita and Ed Ross
Secretary/Clerk:   Rebecca Slotkin

Board Members
Donald and Margaret Craig
Herman and Jenny Marshall
Erik and Ann Ostrowski
Dan and Gretchen Rabinkin
Kjartan and Nancy Stefansson
Crissy and Ted Straub
Andrew and Liz Terborgh

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