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Online Application & Payment Process

We are pleased to offer an online membership process with electronic payment. It's simple, secure, and there are no processing fees! Follow the steps to get started:​

  1. Make Payment

    • Pay electronically via the secure PaySimple platform by entering your bank routing and account number
      (or mail a check to Sun Valley, PO Box 64, Lexington, MA 02420)

    • If the payment deadline is a hardship, contact us to request a payment plan.

  2. Submit your 2023 Membership Form & Waiver online
    All forms and waivers must be submitted back to Sun Valley by March 20, or upon joining. You will not be permitted to use the facilities until the form and waiver are returned. Key access to tennis courts will be with be withheld until the paperwork is submitted.


Fast - Simple - Secure: No fees. No login/account creation required.​

A few perks:

  • No printer, stamp or check needed. Mother nature will thank you!

  • No USPS hassles or delays!

  • Option to save bank details for faster payment in future (requires login).

  • If you don't wish to pay electronically, you may mail a check instead.​

About Electronic Payments
Payments will be processed by PaySimple. You provide your bank routing and checking account number via the PaySimple secure system and the payment is transferred through the ACH Network. Bank details will not be shared with Sun Valley nor stored on Sun Valley servers.

Read more about PaySimple's security certifications.

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