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Tennis Rules Update

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Dear Sun Valley Community:

We have enjoyed the first week of partial re-opening with enthusiastic tennis play under sunny skies. In that time, there were 70 court reservations and we heard many of you appreciated the opportunity to get outdoors and play.

As we progress along the different phases of our planned re-opening, the following changes reflect updates in safe practice recommendations, and are effective immediately:

  1. Masks will no longer be required for singles tennis play, provided the members are able to maintain a safe 6 ft distance from others.

  2. Masks will continue to be required elsewhere on the SV grounds and to/from your assigned court.

  3. Masks will still be required for doubles play, unless all members of the group are from the same household.

  4. Court 2 will continue to be restricted to singles play.

  5. For one-to-one private lessons, masks are not required, provided both members and instructor are able to maintain a safe 6 ft distance from others.

Please note that these guidelines, while inconvenient and annoying, allow all of our members to safely enjoy the Sun Valley Courts. We are counting on everyone to follow the rules, regardless of your opinion on what is necessary.

By way of comparison, the Town of Lexington public courts remain closed and are scheduled to open half of the courts at the end of this week. Upon opening, play will be limited to singles play only and only members from the same household.

We hope to provide additional updates related to use of the Sun Valley grounds and eventually the pool re-opening, however, we must await guidance from the state as to the success of Phase 1 of re-opening, as well as the timing and guidelines for progressing to phase 2 and beyond.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy Sun Valley.

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