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Tennis & Basketball Courts Open for Season

The tennis nets were put up on Wednesday and with the beautiful weather this holiday weekend we have opened the courts for play starting this afternoon - Friday, April 7, 2023! Make a reservation and head down to Sun Valley.

New basketball backboards and nets have been installed and are ready for play. Bring your basketball and have some fun!

The gate padlocks to access the driveway and tennis courts will be replaced with new smart padlocks this weekend. Tennis Members will be able to unlock/lock with their smartphone or smart watch. No more forgotten keys or sharing one key among the family.

Look for the e-mail sent 4/7/23 with your unique invitation. This is the email sender and subject in case you need to search your inbox or check spam:

Email from name:

The eGeeTouch Team

Sent from:


You’re invited to a group!

You will need need to download the eGeetouch Commercial app (free) to access the locks.

How to Unlock / Lock

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