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Reservation Clarifications

Wow - everyone is ready for some pool time! Over 150 swim reservations have already been booked for this week.

We've received a few questions and thought it would be helpful to clarify the following:

  • Each reservation is still for one family/household, including shared sections of the pool. For the new Shallow and Deep end sections, each family should make it's own reservation. The system is set up to allow 3 reservations per time slot so you can coordinate with friends and have each family book the same area at the same time. This calendar view may help to see who has already booked if you want to reserve at the same time as friends. Click the down arrow in the top right corner to filter the view for pool only.

  • We are only offering 1 hour reservations right now so that everyone has a fair shot to come swim. When the pool is open more hours each day we will add in the 2 hour time slots. Our reservation policy allows each family to have up to 4 hours scheduled at any one time in the upcoming 7 days (rolling limit, once reservation complete you may schedule another). For right now we ask you to limit bookings to 1 hour per day, unless there are additional same-day openings. This will help promote access for all while the hours are limited.

  • There is a new Scheduling App (links/QR provided in prior emails to members). We suggest you try it out for an easy way to manage your reservations from your mobile device. Keep in mind only reservations scheduled in the app will be viewed as "upcoming appointments" when you open the app. Any bookings scheduled via the website will not be displayed in the app. To avoid duplicates we suggest using either the app OR the website for bookings. If you choose to use both the app and the website please double check that you aren't creating a duplicate reservation. You will receive an email and reminders for each reservation, regardless of the booking method. Thank you!

  • If you don't already have a username and password set up for our website you will need to click the "New to this site? Sign Up" link found below the Login header to create your account.

Thanks so much for your attention to all these details. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out.

We understand everyone is eager to know how today's announcement from Governor Baker may impact operations at Sun Valley this summer. We ask for your patience while we digest this news. The 2021 Pool Guidelines shared yesterday remain in place until further notice. Please be sure each person in your household is aware of the rules prior to your first visit to the pool. Thank you.

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