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Initial Tennis Opening 5/25

Following Governor Baker‘s release earlier this week of the Commonwealth’s plan for phased re-opening, we are pleased to be able to report progress being made toward a gradual and phased approach to re-opening Sun Valley to the membership.

As a first step we plan to make the tennis courts available for use beginning Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. For those members enthusiastic to get back out on the courts we have developed COVID related procedures, a new online court reservation process and signage.

  • Opening tennis courts and practice wall only

  • Basketball court remains closed

  • No access to club grounds or bathrooms

  • No access to water source

  • No Sun Valley staff on duty

We have posted updated TENNIS RULES that are in compliance with the latest state and CDC guidance and adopting the tennis specific protocols from the USTA. If you plan on playing tennis during Phase 1 of opening we ask that you carefully review the rules and guidelines in the links above. Some of the key points are as follows:

  • Advance Court Reservation Required

  • Face Coverings Required

  • No Guests

  • COVID 19 Waiver must be submitted prior to visiting Sun Valley

  • Doubles partners must be from same household

  • Minors under age 18 must be accompanied by parent/guardian

  • Bring your own water

  • Bring your own tennis balls with different markings than your opponent

  • Only return tennis balls to your opponent with your foot or racquet

  • Do not touch the tennis balls of your opponent

  • Do not change ends of courts during play

  • Use hand sanitizer before and after play (provided on court)

  • Do not congregate before or after playing

As a Board, we are committed to the overall safety and well being of our membership and our staff. At the same time, we are making every effort to have all of Sun Valley available for use, to the extent possible, and within state and local regulatory guidelines. We would like to thank our members for promptly sharing your participation plans with us. This information was extremely helpful in determining our path forward and we were inspired by the overwhelmingly positive support by all of you, our wonderful community, as we navigate a path forward. There is a strong interest by the majority to participate this summer, as well as a generous outpouring of support towards operations. Thank you. 

In this regard, it is our hope that we can begin phasing in a plan that will initially allow the use of the Sun Valley grounds for small family gatherings and relaxation, providing an opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbors. 

Our plan is to gradually begin opening the grounds, also using a reservation system and with safe distance guidelines in place, at some point in mid/late June. The exact date depends on how successful we are with our initial tennis re-opening and the outcome of Commonwealth’s Phase 1 efforts.

As to a projected pool opening date, if all goes well and if the state guidelines allow progression to Commonwealth Plan Phase 2, we could consider opening the pool in early July. This week we uncovered the pool and are beginning the process of balancing the chemicals in the water. The Town of Lexington's Board of Health has also announced they will begin accepting Pool Permit applications in the coming weeks. We are meeting regularly and are actively working out the details that will allow the safe and responsible use of the pool, in accordance with state and local guidelines.

This year will no doubt feel different from prior summers. Some of the ease with which we have all been able to enjoy Sun Valley in the past will hopefully return. But at least for now, in an effort to ensure the safe and responsible use of this wonderful facility for all members, we will be required to place limits on the number of families on site at any one time and the number of people using the pool.  

Despite these necessary restrictions, we hope you will still find time to come and enjoy all the gifts that Sun Valley has to offer, whether swimming, playing tennis or simply lounging in the sun. It remains a magical place and is a cherished respite from the challenges that surround us elsewhere.

As we enter the month of June we will be working out the details for the next steps of Sun Valley‘s phased re-opening and look forward to being able to give you an update again in the next couple of weeks.

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