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2020 Membership Applications

Click the appropriate button below to renew or join today

General Membership

Open to those who live outside of the Sun Valley Association.

Renewals for returning members due xxx.

Deadline for new members joining from wait list is rolling and is listed in the welcome letter.

Deeded Properties

For residents of deeded properties in the Sun Valley Association.


Deeded properties in the Sun Valley Association may join at any time.

$50 late fee applies for SVA applications received after xxx.

Introducing online renewal
We now offer online renewal with electronic payment. It's simple, secure, and there are no fees! Follow the steps to get started:

  1. Enter your family's membership details on our online form 

  2. Upon receipt we will e-mail an invoice for payment (powered by QuickBooks).

  3. Pay invoice electronically by entering your bank routing and account number.

A few perks:

  • Option to save payment details for faster payment in the future (requires login).

  • Ability to make smaller installment payments on your own schedule between now and the stated deadline

  • No printer, stamp or check needed.
    Mother nature will thank you!

  • If you change your mind you can mail a check to complete your renewal.

Fast - Simple - Secure: No fees.

No login/account creation necessary.

About Electronic Payments:
Payments will be processed by Intuit QuickBooks. You provide your bank routing and checking account number via the QuickBooks secure system and the payment is transferred through the ACH Network. This is one of the most secure payment methods available today. Bank details will not be shared with Sun Valley nor stored on Sun Valley servers.

Pay with confidence
Enjoy peace of mind every time you pay. More than a million small businesses trust their financial data with QuickBooks. Information will be protected and kept confidential

Letter to accompany 2020 Membership Application

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