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2023 Membership Update

buttoned up for winter.

Here is a glimpse at the grounds on December 30, 2022. Trees have been pruned and electrical repairs are wrapping up. We can’t wait until the first buds appear. The snow may be falling but there’s less than 60 days ‘til spring!

2023 Update

Membership for our 2023 Season opened on January 1. To date we have processed more than 115 renewals and 17 new families have joined! There is still a bit of time before the response deadline so we will see these numbers continue to grow. The winter has been busy planning for a great season and taking care of some necessary maintenance, including electrical repairs, a pool pump/motor replacement, and two new basketball backboards that will be ready this spring. The board has also continued its work evaluating tennis court replacement options and bids. The final selection is imminent and we can't wait to tell you about it soon.

Upcoming Renewal Deadline

All General Sun Valley members wishing to continue this year must renew by February 1. (Deeded households within the Sun Valley Association may join/renew anytime). Check your e-mail for details and contact us with any questions. Any openings remaining after the general renewal deadline will be filled from the wait list.

Wait List Update

We have invited an initial group of families to join from the wait list based on anticipated attrition. This includes wait list families who applied on or before 7/24/2020. After we have finished processing renewals in early February we will determine if any additional invitations can be extended to our wait list families.

What’s Next for 2023 Members?

The required 2023 Membership Form & Waivers will be e-mailed to all 2023 members by March 1. All forms and waivers must be submitted back to Sun Valley by March 20 (first day of spring!).


Spring Cardio Tennis Tuesdays from 9 - 10 AM April 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 $100 for all 6 classes space limited to 8 participants (ages 18+)



Date: Saturday, June 10th


Date: Saturday, July 15th


Date: Saturday, September 9th


Date: Saturday, September 30th

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